Our aftermarket auto parts are stocked from only the top vendors in the industry. We have done our research and found the best quality aftermarket parts available. Our 60,000 square foot warehouse has isles stocked full of the superior collision automotive parts you expect. We carry CAPA certified parts when available.  We are proud to be resellers of the following products.

We offer products from the following vendors

Micro Rim

Micro Rim is a bumper manufacturer located in Michigan, USA. They offer both front and rear bumpers in paint to match and textured options. These bumpers are primed and ready to be painted.


Reflexxion is a chrome bumper manufacturer that offers bumpers plated in the USA.  Reflexxion carries front and rear bumpers, bumper brackets, reinforcement bars and absorbers that are OE quality.


TYC is a product offered by Genera, a company based in California. TYC is known for producing top of the line automotive lights in the industry. They carry their standard for quality parts into mirrors, radiators, condensers and cooling fans that we proudly carry.


Kool-Vue is a company focused on mirrors and they offer over 950 replacement mirrors today. This company is known for their OE quality mirrors and their drive to push the aftermarket industry to the next level. They offer true OE replacements with features like power fold, heat, turn signals and puddle lamps.


Depo is a Maxzone company that is based in California with a light manufacturing plant in Taiwan. This company not only offers quality lights but also mirrors and cooling products as well.

Auto Parts Industrial

API is a Taiwan based manufacturer that has a state of the art plant setup. API carries hoods, fenders, bumpers, grilles, tailgates, fender liners, headlight covers, header panels, and all other crash parts. All sheet metal is black primed ready to be painted. We receive 40 yard containers of their products at our warehouse.

Tong Yang

Tong Yang has a manufacturer plant in Texas as well as a plant in Taiwan. Tong Yang offers all collision parts from sheet metal to plastics. We receive shipments from this vendor by the tractor trailer full.

Pacific Best

Pacific Best offers all cooling products including radiators, condensers and cooling fans.  Located in California, PBI ships quality cooling products nationwide.  This vendor is considered to be one of the top in the industry of cooling automotive replacements.


Delphi not only produces aftermarket cooling products but they also produce some OEM cooling for car manufacturers. This indicates the top of the line option available in the cooling industry.

American Condenser

Focused strictly on manufacturing condensers, this company has their products perfected. They are a USA based company that we proudly promote, with one of the largest inventories in the states.

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